League Handbook



1. The Management Committee shall meet every month at such place and time as they may determine.
2. The order of business at each Management Committee meeting shall be:-
(a) Minutes of the previous meeting
(b) Business arising therefrom
(c) Treasurer’s Report
(d) Breaches of Rules
(e) Appeals
(f) Correspondence
(g) Secretary’s Report upon League business that has arisen during the past month
(h) Fixture Secretary’s Report
(i) Appointments Secretary’s Report
(j) Reports of Sub Committees
(k) Motions of which notice has been given
(l) Motions of which notice has not been given
(m) Any Other Business
3. The Management Committee shall have power to appoint Sub Committees when necessary and may delegate all or any of their power to any such Sub Committee. Five shall be a quorum of the Management Committee and two of any Sub Committee. In the event of the voting at any Meeting being equal, the Chairman of such Meeting shall have a second or casting vote.
4. Every question at a Management Committee meeting shall be determined by a majority of the votes of the representatives present and voting on the question, ordinarily by a show of hands or by a recorded division if demanded. No member of the Management Committee shall be allowed to take part in or vote on any issue to which the Club he is a member of is a party and he shall retire from the meeting during the hearing of the said issue.
5. Notice of motion shall be delivered to the General Secretary at least 10 days before the meeting at which it is proposed to be moved.
6. With motions moved without notice, the Chairman may, should he deem it expedient and having regard to the importance of the question to be considered, require that notice of motion should be given.
7. All accounts shall be presented at and passed by the Management Committee and all cheques shall be signed by any two of the following: Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer.
8. At the end of every official year the General Secretary shall prepare the Annual Report and shall present the same to the last meeting of the Management Committee each season.
9. Upon application to the General Secretary, inspection of the minutes and other books of the League shall be afforded at all reasonable times to authorised representatives of the Clubs.
10. All communications must be address`ed to the General Secretary who shall conduct the correspondence of the League.
11. On the General Secretary receiving a requisition, signed by not less than half the Members, he shall convene a Special General Meeting. Such requisition shall state the nature of the business proposed to be transacted at the Special General Meeting. He shall also convene a Special Meeting at any time upon being directed to do so by the Management Committee and when possible, seven clear days notice shall be given of all such meetings. Special Meetings of the Management Committee may be summoned by order of the President or Chairman or upon a request signed by not less than half of the Members of the Management Committee.
12. The Secretaries and Treasurer, who shall be engaged by the Management Committee, shall be paid Officials. They shall not be connected officially, or otherwise, with any League Club.
The General Secretary shall attend and keep a record of all meetings. Subscriptions and all monies accruing to the League shall be paid direct to the Treasurer of the League who shall account to the Management Committee and give adequate security to the League. The Accounts shall be audited each year by the Auditors appointed by the general body of the League. Accounts must be supported by detailed invoices/documents/vouchers etc., which must be presented to the Management Committee for inspection if required.

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